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Our university library has a seating capacity of 300 people in an area of 998 square meters. There are 38,473 printed books, 11,078 e-books, 7,455 periodicals and 970 visual publications in the library. The content of all the publications comprise fields of law, engineering, economics, business administration, sciences, information and social sciences, humanities, medicine and linguistics. 




The general features of the library are as follows:

– Access to unlimited number of national and international studies

– Remote Access

– Intelligent Library Systems

– Unimpeded Library System

– Mobile Library System-Hand Terminal System

– Unimpeded Automatic Check-out & Return Station

– Card system rapid check-out and return transactions

– Inter-library rapid communication

– Individual and workroom free working rooms

– Use of Kiosks that allow rapid catalog scanning

– Access to databases approved by TUBITAK and Ekual

– Use of all visual materials for university users free of charge

– Library Introduction Kiosks (Totem) showing library person status, announcements and advertisements.