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Health Insurance


With the amendment of the law no. 6486 on 21/05/2013, an opportunity has arisen for all foreign students to be included in the general health insurance system.

The foreign students who study in our country are covered with general health insurance if they make a request within three months of the first date of their registration regardless of the conditions cited in clause (d) of the first sub clause and the second sentence of the second sub clause of article 52.

The provisions of the general health insurance shall not apply to those who have not made a request within this period. General health insurance premium is paid over a 30 day amount of one third of the lower bound of daily income determined according to article 82.

Formal Education Students: 

Students can participate in the health system with their foreign ID number (YU) by applying to Provincial Directorate of Social Security or Social Security Centers in Izmir.  Premiums are paid by the students. Students’ health insurance coverage is limited to the duration of their education and they must apply within three months of the date of registration.

Students with scholarships are insured by the institutions from which they receive the scholarships depending on the conditions of those scholarships. For example, procedures pertaining to insurance for students who benefit from Turkish scholarships given by the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) are performed by YTB and the premiums are also met by this institution.

Exchange Students:

Foreign students who stay less than 6 months and could not get a foreign ID number (YU number) (ex. exchange students) can buy private health insurance by receiving a tax number from tax offices. Private health insurance premiums are paid for a year; however the amount of the premium for the unused period can be reclaimed. According to the law passed in April 2014 by the Directorate General of Migration Management, all foreign students are obligated to have health insurance to receive residence permit.