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Staff Mobility For Teaching

General Information

Staff mobility for teaching provides an opportunity for the staff with lecturing obligations in a higher education institution in Turkey which has ECHE to give lectures to students at a higher education institution which has ECHE in one of the program countries. It also provides participation in academic and education activities at the associate institution.Staff mobility for teaching/training can be from 2 days to 2 months excluding travel times. In any case, a teaching activity should include at least 8 hours on a weekly or shorter stay.

What are the duties of the participating organizations?

Organizations which participate in the mobility have the following roles and duties:

  • Sender institution: Responsible for selecting and sending abroad students and staff. This task includes grant payments, preparation for mobility, monitoring and recognition.
  • Host institution: Responsible for accepting incoming students/staff, and recommending them training/internship or activity program.

Source:Ulusal Ajans

Conditions for Participating in Teaching Mobility

1-To be at least a part-time instructor in a higher education institution which has ECHE.

2-An agreement between universities.

3-Having a teaching program that is accepted by both the sender and the host higher education institution. (The teaching program must be signed by parties and include at least the overall objectives/goals, content and expected results of the program)

NOTE: In order to be entitled to receive a grant after teaching mobility, it is necessary to give at least 5 hours of lectures in the host higher education institution.

What to do Before Mobility

1-Bilateral Agreement (An agreement made with the host university for the relevant academic year.)

2-Invitation Letter (The total number of lecture hours and the duration of stay in terms of day, month and year must be specified in the original and translation of the letter of invitation received from the relevant unit of the host university. At least 5 hours of lectures must be delivered.)

3-Assignment Letter (Assignment letter received from the unit to which the faculty member is affiliated with.)

4-Copy of identity card

5-Copy of  bankbook (Opening a Euro deposit account in his/her name in the designated bank branch and a copy of the bankbook.)

6-Instructor Agreement Form (The contract prepared by the international office must be signed. The contract must be made after opening the bank account

Documents to Be Delivered to the Office After Mobility 

1-Certification of Participation (Sealed and signed document about the completion of teaching activity  received from the host university)

2-Instructor Report Form (A signed form will be submitted to the international office)

3-Instructor Information Form

4- Flight ticket (Originals of the ticket and the invoice)

5- Copy of passport identification page and boarding pass. (Copy of passport identification and entry-exit page in the case of missing boarding pass)